Our Story

Our StoryI have had the good fortune of growing up in the cheesecake capital of the world…New York City. In the city, cheesecake is not just a dessert, it is an art form. There is sharp rivalry among the bakeries vying for the coveted title of “Best New York Cheesecake”. Over the years I had picked my favorite and remained a loyal customer. Moving away from the city ended these frequent purchases. And so my quest began to make my own cheesecake and to make it just as good as what I left behind.

Having my three young sons as taste-testers, we consumed countless homemade cheesecakes in this quest to make “The Best”. (Those weekly cheesecakes still remain fond memories for them today). Finally, after many recipes and many failures…success! The cheesecake was delicious. Over the years it became a great hit for family and friends.

Fast forward quite a few years. The boys are grown and have families of their own. During this time, I met a wonderful lady… a vegan lady. And wouldn’t you know it, she never ate cheesecake. After some time, some discussion, some thought, I too became vegan.

We moved to a farm in Vermont. We adopted some horses and goats. We planted lots of gardens. Farm life filled our days. Everything was good- except there was no cheesecake.

And so a new quest began, to create the best ever vegan cheesecake. And here it is…Vermont Cheeseless… a cheesecake so delicious even New York City would take notice. Try one and see if you agree. Enjoy!